About the CompanyMission StatementAbout the FoundersGlenda F. Newell, M.D.Brenda B. Spriggs, M.D.

About the Company

Talk4Health: Strategies for Life is uniquely qualified to shatter the myths of healthcare by effectively identifying and correcting communication barriers because we know how doctors think.

Mission Statement

To improve health literacy and create cultures of wellness through strategic educational seminars and consultations thereby improving healthcare communications and medical decision-making.

About the Founders

The founders of Talk4Health: Strategies for Life know that personal health literacy and a workplace-supported health literacy program are critical for today’s health care environment and can serve as drivers for value-added wellness promotion that will:

  • define and explore current health care delivery challenges faced by clients
  • provide clients with information that will promote effective health care decision-making
  • demonstrate the importance of preventive health care with real time situations
  • ensure that medical encounters of clients are more personalized and rewarding and
  • provide clients with tools that will allow them to become self-advocates for their health care needs.

More About the Founders

Glenda F. Newell, M.D.

Brenda B. Spriggs, M.D.